No easy option to report a problematic problem

Describe your bug

I’ve seen several problems where either there’s inconsistency with the problem statement, or my solutions were tagged as incorrect, even though I believe otherwise.
Is there an easy way to do this? Or even just a problem name, I don’t see problem names in the debugging problems, so I can’t see if I’m just missing a key detail, or if the Codechef team just makes occasional mistakes (like me).


No screenshot, but several problems have no easy pointers (problem name, or number) to them. Also, again, no report button for a problem.

Additional info

That’s it, more power to your team, I enjoy the site more often than not, so I want it to become better.

Hey @yujey_02,

Thank you for your feedback. We will add a report button right there for debugging problems.

Hey @yujey_02,

We have now added a feedback bar where you can report any issues with the problem.

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Thanks @justani ! Cool community, attentive admins. See you later at weekly contest

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