No.of users with 502 Bad Gateway for cook off?

Dear all,
I m experiencing the error mentioned in the title. But I do get a feeling that not everyone gets this error. But I have faced this error in the past as well. What is the severity of this problem and is their any possible “fix” for this from client end?

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Same here… i was facing this too!

I was able to view problems after 5-6 minutes contest began…!! :frowning: :frowning:

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This started in June 2014, i.e June cook-off. I prepared for that cook-off for 2 weeks, everything was planned like 3G internet,dongle etc. But then came the LOAD on servers, error 502,503 , tweeted about that to codechef. If the codechef admins are reading this, why don’t they do something to prevent this problem in future ?

And same happened in September and December i.e. today. Dis is wy many of my friends have left codechef, in spite of being good coders.

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It happens to me each time in the short contest and lunch time. I face this in the contests hosted by codeforces also. Initial 3-4 minutes I can’t read the questions. It may be because too many people try to access it at the same time

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Exactly my point…specially in today’s cook-off…i felt that loss of 5-6 initial minutes can be the difference between being able to solve a question. But is this entirely random? What can be done to fix it?

Yes, you are right. It’s because of the network (access) problem. Also, the number of tabs open which are accessing the website is also a factor.

ol gud now:)

This is not random, it depends on “the way” you are accessing if you use multiple tabs during cook-off, don’t do this. If you in a private network, then this problem will be greater if the number of users accessing codechef website is large (as the site also checks the private). What you can do is use some faster network, and use only one tab at a time.

faced this problem again in this contest… :frowning: