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I have participated in Codechef and Codeforces contests. These are good for practising coding for oneself. I am not trying to say that both these platforms are bad but in interview point of view, do companies really ask Questions of difficulty level that are asked in these contests. I have seen segment trees, fenwick trees, binary indexed trees , sweep line algo and many adv. dsa. But are such questions asked in interview rounds ? So, in interview’s point of view, i need suggestion regarding which of these platforms would be better Leetcode - Hackerearth - Interviewbit or any other ?? #Nooffense to codechef

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This is obviously not a interview preparation site. Codechef codeforces just help you to think faster and make you good in problem solving which in a way helps in interview. Only standard questions kf dp, trees ,graphs are asked. No advanced algos are ever asked in the biggest of the product based companies.
If you want to go for interview preparation, do leetcode


Ok, let me clear in interview they ask problems which u wanna solve see on leet-code there are standard questions which are commonly asked , but u don’t have variety of questions and which is provided by CC and CF .

One more thing , some people say do leetcode this 300 questions and u will placed in FAANG or any other company " bhai mera kahi pe karwa do ".


I don’t know who suggested you CodeChef/CodeForces for interview preparation. Just ignore them. This is a competitive programming platform, and you can compare this to Olympiad level difficulty.

For interviews. HackerRank, LeetCode, HackerEarth and of course GeeksForGeels are good websites.


Yes , CC , CF are platforms to improve your problem solving skills.


if(time_available >= 4 months){cout<<“Leetcode\n”;}


@ay2306 Look, I never told that codechef is bad. Infact Codechef and CodeForces are excellent platforms for CP. But just in an interview’s point of view, from what i know, questions of this.(qns only solved by <500 people in contests) difficulty level are not asked. These platforms are great if one needs to learn CP but what if someone is in final year and doesn’t have enough time …? What i was trying to ask and what u were trying to reply are nowhere related. Your comment was just useless. I just asked for suggestion

I am sorry, deleted my comment. I misread the last line. Yeah leetcode will be better. :sweat_smile: :


But also I’ve seen that you don’t need to be expert or master at codeforces to be in amazon, there are many people who were just specialist and got selected in amazon.

For example, Love babbar is in amazon and he doesn’t even have profile on CF & CC. I’m not disrespecting him but just saying that he still got Amazon and reached final round of Deshaw without doing CP at all.

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Are you living the life only for interview preparation


Maybe some people does, I do. We should not judge someone based on their life choices.

Are you living the life only for competitive programming

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Why are you coming to a competitive programming site and expecting interview preparation?
Leetcode is much better for interview preparation. No company afaik expects you to be a competitive programmer to be given a job.


Because he was in NSIT and its a Tier 1 college. And Amazon visits oncampus. You just need to grasp leetcode and GFG to get there. Offcampus is different

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Exactly, that’s what I am trying to convey to @chef_ka_baap

That’s my interest not my life

This is definitely a valid point, if you are in some Tier-1 college, best option for you is to start doing Leetcode and Interviewbit(only one is also enough) and Off-campus have different things

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Competitive Programming gives you an edge while solving interview Problems on sites like leetcode. Don’t think that Competitive programming will not help you in interviews.It will definitely help and CP is the most efficient way to have a good hand at Data Structures.
After all , all these sites like leetcode are also problems like in CP.
But yeah i would say that the leetcode catches the pattern of the interview problems.

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In My Opinion, Directly jumping to leetcode is not a good option if you haven’t solved some quality CP Problems in a good amount.

Yes, this must be the case.