No practice option for DUCS Winter Warm-Up problems

I want to practice Ducs winter Warm-up problems.But i cannot find option for submitting solution.

Please allow me some time. I’ll surely do that. Cheers!


Bro the contest was really well written and good questions , not so hard not so easy… Plz arrange each month … Happy New year :tada:


Even I liked the contest very much
As @ssrivastava990 said , Plss arrange the contest every month
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Finally, problems have been moved to practice section. Enjoy!


Thank you so much @ssrivastava990 and @sudheerays123 for your appreciation. I’m very glad that you liked the contest. Coming on to the point to host something like this every month, I would say that it is practically not possible for me to do such a massive task every month all alone and along with University. It’s just that it was my winter break that’s why I was able to do such a thing for everyone. But even I think that it was a good experiment and initiative.

It would really be better if such educational contests happen frequently on CodeChef. Maybe a few experienced people can come together and collaborate for such contests, then it would be fine. I can also do my bit that way. Also, a few people mean better statement verification and testing. It is very very hectic for a single person to host such a contest (I’m not saying anything about the difficulty level) and handle everything because there are numerous tasks involved to create a contest, and each one of them if pretty hectic, not so doable for a single person every time. I’ve spent a lot of time to prepare this contest, working all throughout the days and nights, because I was running very late and I had to, anyhow, deliver it in 2019.

But I would love if more and more people come together to collaborate for such independent educational contests, maybe that way it can become possible, say, 4 - 6 times a year, if not every month. I’ll be more than happy to contribute my bit for the community in any possible way.

Once again thank you for sharing your views!
Happy Programming!


But if possible u can arrange 3 questions and 1.5 or 2 hrs ( If u have enough time) :slight_smile:

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I will try to do so, but for the coming two months I’ll be a bit busy. So I will try to do something maybe after that, if possible. Thanks for your appreciation.