No rating graph? Starters55

Am I the only one who was not able to see the rating graph in this contest or was it not available to anyone? I was unable to do ‘Or Tuples’ for One and Half hour so without any rating graph I had a LOT of anxiety during that period.

Was it not present the whole time for you, or only towards the end?
Also, can you check now?

no, i didn’t even get the live rating graph

Graph was not present during the whole contest , I was not on the contest page for last 5 mins but it is visible now but I am sure I checked multiple time during the whole contest by refreshing the page and didn’t see the graph.

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Seems like there was issue on our end. We will look into it and ensure that this doesn’t happen in future.

Note: The rating graph was in fact working for Div 2 and Div 4. Only Div 3 participants seemed to have been affected.

Thanks for the response, Hope it’s stable before the long contest🙂

Hello @justani can you please take a look into this topic