Can codechef tell me why they are not replying to my mails sent to about asking explanation for my dropped long challenge ratings? Please Codechef, reply to my mail soon as they have not replied to it FROM 10 DAYS.

It seems, like your code was similar to someone else’s code = cheating.

As far as I know, in such cases they are contacting to contestants…

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Bhagat you seriously need explanation . Hats off . Zco code copy-covering. Isn’t that enough .

I have sent an email to codechef regarding plagiarism in march long div 2 , no replies from them it’s been 5 days, can anyone help out?

Hi bhagatdivesh12, We have not received any email from your email address. If you have sent one can you please give us the email address from which it has been sent. We will check our inbox and will reply to it immediately.

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They get mails in hundreds. Merely replying to all will take a lot of time. If anythings urgent, you can request a mod to immediately ping admins.

That case will be heard of. Dont worry. Cheaters get penalised/blocked later.