No reply to my comment in long challenge question ? its been 3 days now

do anyone is there to check out the comments posted in challenge regarding question ? i posted a comment 3 days back in a long challenge question comment section but no response at all .


Yes they do reply if your comment is appropriate.


Not always, and very rarely, according to my observation(s) and experiences of above a year…


i do agree with both of you . they reply on appropriate comments and rarely too. i have seen some replies to comments in past challenges.

My observation is opposite. They don’t reply very rarely. Otherwise I always get reply if my comment is worth replying.
Actually it depends on how appropriate your comments generally are.
At least what I can assure is they read each & every comment for sure. Replying depends on your comment.

I got reply to every appropriate comment except one as far as I remember ( till today in past few months):stuck_out_tongue:. And they said after contest that they read my comment during contest.

I think vijju is a problem setter this time. He might be able to view all comments.

We can ask him to check if I am not wrong.


I also commented on one question but not got any reply😅

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