No response from !!

I reported a bug in codechef 3 days ago by writing a mail to But they haven’t responded till yet(Not even sent a mail regarding they have received my mail). So is there a problem with Shall I send my bug again? @admin please reply!!

What was the bug? Prefer to report it here.

If a report it here, Someone would copy it or make wrong use of it

Mail it to me then if you feel its very urgent. Else, they dont reply, but they do fix things up.

What would you do if I mail it to you? The bug is not fixed yet

What would you do if I mail it to you? 

At least I will be able to help you :confused:

The bug is not fixed yet

I said they fix things, I didnt said they fix things instantaneously XD

How would you be able to help me?

Look at discuss for that answer @ssp547

Look at discuss for that answer @ssp547
I saw that

are you a codechef faculty or have some relations with admin?

I am the moderator of discuss. Happy? Seriously, whats up with so much inquiry? If you’re curious about stuff go search discuss for it. I cant repeat things again and again for every new guy here. Sorry.

Everyone is a moderator here, but i trust you so I am mailing you the bug please contact the admin about it

What an edit. Seriously? I am sorry, but this is simply disrespectful/rude towards anyone trying to help you in that issue.

To the curious, his previous comment was on lines of “I am sorry. I will mail the issue.” (Not exact, but the idea was same)

my previous comment was based on the idea that not everyone is a moderator here(if you remember). But after that I read the discuss. So I corrected the idea behind it. Sorry if you felt bad i seriously forgot to put sorry there for that again Sorry

This was my previous comment as far as I remember-“Sorry! I didn’t know that!!. I was only curious about the misuse of bug I am mailing you the bug at please contact the admin about it.”

And as you have seen the bug is serious all the inquiry i did above was valid(you were a new guy to me)!!.

Apology accepted. :slight_smile:

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