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I have found a bug, using which I was able to check the questions of upcoming Media.Net hiring contests.

I reported it to I didn’t received any response from them. So, I called them and informed them about the bug. Still, I didn’t get any email response from them. Therefore, I mailed the bug report to @vijju123.

Now, the bug has been resolved. But, I haven’t recieved any email from Codechef.

It’s very disheartening to know that we report bugs, they even resolve the issues. But, didn’t have time to acknowledge our efforts.

I am creating this thread to know, if someone else also had similar experience with reporting bugs to Codechef?


was this recruitment off campus or on campus?

I have tried it on 2 contests. One of which was an on-campus hiring contest, I do not know about the other one. Both of them were hosted on Codechef.

Maybe it was not a bug, but a feature :joy::joy:

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Where is the laugh react when you need it? :sweat_smile:

Yes it can act as a feature for those who wants to get placed in Media.Net

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Thank you for taking the time to report this, and we appreciate it.

But your indignance doesn’t feel justified. The first email you had sent was less than 48 hours back. Please understand that we do receive a lot of emails, and it takes time for us to investigate and reply to them. It’ll be great if you can have a little bit of patience and wait for a reply from us.

In fact, what you have reported is not a bug, but a mistake by the organizers. They have probably just fixed it. You will receive more details in an email.


Yes I do understand that you will be receiving many emails. But, a response mail mentioning that you have received the report would also be a good sign.

As I have not received any confirmation, I thought that the mail might have gotten unnoticed. There was a contest scheduled in 24 Hrs from when I found the issue. I just wanted to inform you people so that every participant can get a fare chance in the hiring process.

Also, I agree it was not a bug. But, as far as I know being able to see the questions which are going to be part of an upcoming contest, without administrative permissions is also a serious issue.

Even I reported a bug. Merrick Sequeira replied back, saying that he will let the team contact me on 30 August
Waiting for the reply. :shushing_face:

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