No sample test explanation

In codechef during these days explanation to sample test has declined a lot.Now some will say they do not provide because it is self explainatory. I don’t think so that all the problems in which they don’t provide sample case explanation are self explainatory.
Like last problem of april long challenge i.e line line line graph


Unfortunately , You are right :pensive:

I agree. @dean_student. For certain problems, there’s only like one test case. Now even that test case won’t have enough explanation. Even the problems are sometimes not clear enough. :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s common mostly with less frequent problem setter.
Those who are experienced they do put around 2 test cases with proper explanation.
I myself is victim of this.
I would like to urge that before starting the contest that experienced problem setters should look on the test cases also.:slight_smile:

Yeah i totally agree. Some problems like REBGIT in April long challenge definetely need more explanation

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I request @vijju123 @admin and the codechef team to pls give the explanation of testcase 2 for REBGIT . I have been trying to understand this problem for 2 hours now and nothing seems to work. I hope you understand.

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