@admin @vijju123 I got above 400 marks in my college and still, I didn’t get my scholarship coupon please help :slight_smile:


Hi @jain_aanchal
This was because the codechef username you entered in the scholarship registration form did not match your actual codechef username.
We are looking into this and will update about the same soon.

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@admin I also didn’t receive the email. I entered the correct username. Name is mentioned in spreasheet too. Please look into it.

Hi! We will look into this and roll out the mail soon.


Hi! We will look into this and send an email soon.

@devika31 @admin I have missed to fill the application form. My score was 639.28
Can I get scholarship now?

Hi @sakshi21g
Sorry but no new entries can be allowed now.

You did not receive an email because you gave an incorrect username (your email) in the registration form. We will get back to you with the details.

@devika31 Oh sorry, I didn’t remember that.

Where is the spreadsheet ??

I also didn’t receive the mail. My name is their in the list.

Hi @devika31 I didn’t receive any mail regarding scholarship coupons though my name is mentioned in list for 100% scholarship.

Hi @shivg7706
We tried sending you an email but it bounced because ‘address was not found’.
Could you drop me an email so that I can reply to you there?

Hi @devika31 Here is my id

Hi @devika31 can you check for me also. email :