No text Editorials of CookOff

@admin Why Editorials of Cookoff 125 is not updated.
Only Video Editorials are there.
Do CodeChef wants to maximise the youtube views? or Something else that they are trying to do?


LOL They made a 10 min video for a 1 minute explanation.


cc is becoming worse by every contest…
be it poor testcases, wrong problem statement, irregularity in level of contest problem, no text editorial, advertising some profitable educational insti and at end server down…
@admin cc need to improve bruh on many instances


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22nd Dec, 00:40 IST: The December Cook-Off 2020 has ended!
The editorials will be published in a day.
The problems have been moved to the practice section.
Solutions are public for all the problems.
Laddus will be provided post ratings calculation.


also I think after the contest they published 2 editorials one is for ANUTREE and the other I don’t know , but after refreshing, they are not present on the page

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One person writes text editorials while they have a big team to create video editorial. Nothing else. Editorialist is still writing text editorials. Deliberately delaying text editorial to maximise youtube views wasn’t the motive for sure (atleast for this time).


It was a reply to @phoenixsoul . I forgot to click on reply to his comment.
Bruh no, they are becoming better day by day. But to see improvements one will have to use an adblock to block all the occurrence of “unacademy” string from their website.


AntontrygubO_o is coordinator of codeforces.
I dont think I should introduce Errichto.

These are not just 2 isolated people saying good about codechef.

When did you saw tourist participating on CodeChef? tourist participated in just 2 codechef contests in 2019. He participated in 7 out of last 8 short contests after 300iq started coordinating lunchtimes.


Server Link?

It is indeed a business, but they are trying to improve codechef, it may take time. But you must try to use acceptable language and constructive criticism, otherwise your points will not (and should not) be taken seriously.

I think they are providing loads of daily content on their channel, but the website still has its own issues. Like yesterday the ranking table froze for more than an hour or so.

Video editorials are too long, but you can always speed and skip

Errichto server
You should be atleast 1900 on cf to access all channels in other server. (Anyways this is the invite

Yeah you are right, codeforces is best :slight_smile:

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@phoenixsoul Hi!

  1. You can think of server down issue in a positive way also. Maybe there were a lot of participants in yesterday’s contest, (Codechef’s popularity).
  2. When it comes to advertising, so let me remind you that many Codeforces contests are sponsored (by Harbour Space University,etc.), and codeforces itself is sponsored by Telegram and ITMO University.
  3. Poor testcases is not only a problem with Codechef but also with codeforces, but they introduced Solution hacking feature and they test all the submissions after the hack is over with the cases they get from hacking round.
  4. Wrong problem statement is also a problem with Codeforces. They also have to clarify in between the contest.
  5. Editorials for some questions are out. You can check them out! Editorials for December 2020 Cook-Off
    I don’t want to compare these two programs but I don’t find it appropriate to target a particular organization/ platform and criticize it.
    If you have any suggestions for Codechef, post those suggestions instead of criticizing the platform. Alternatively, you can also mail them at I think the admins are working hard from their side to improve the platform.

I know this.
But still text editorials save much time if you are familiar with the concept and just missing some point and want a little hint.
Although I appreciate their initiative of video tutorials for the person who is new to the concept. And he/she can learn much better a new topic through video.

But I am in favor of giving both the text and video editorials. which codechef did in the previous contests.

And Clearly No Doubt CodeChef is becoming better day by day. I really appreciate thier initiatives and efforts.


What is 300iq?

I dont watch video editorials and the reason I opened discuss was to read text editorials of some of the problems.
Even codeforces has an internal policy to publish editorials within 24 hrs. Everyone waits there for 24 hrs. CC did said they will be available in a day. We should wait for 24 hrs instead of just accusing someone just because they released one thing faster than the other.
Editorialist participated in icpc regionals on saturday. Often problems are ready on contest day due to lack of problem proposals.

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CF profile - 300iq - Codeforces
CC profile - CodeChef User | CodeChef
He was codeforces coordinator. He joined codechef as lunchtime admin 4 months ago.


did I said cf is better… I’m not even comparing both the problem set on both platforms are way more different, even advertisement is good but when major portion of ur home page is booked then its toxic…
and I don’t understand why u see server down in positive way


Neither did I said that you compared Codechef with codeforces.

Yea, I even agree on this.

Would like to follow your moto (never reply to " WHY.... ") :slight_smile:

Bruh! they are providing this for free to you so please don’t complain if it’s good or bad. Just give light feedback on how they can improve.

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