No to contests where typing only matters

it’s alright if the contest is tough…
if u intend most of the users to solve only one…then make the first problem a bit
people just need to spend 2 minutes to get rank <200

the problem 2 and 3 are not that tough…they are actually interesting.
the contest would have been better if problem 1 was slightly harder

This is not actually a good sign…codechef is only giving easy ratings
for many even if they don’t do anything special…
there are so many people who just typed 4 5 lines and got +100
it’s good if u make problem 1 harder or problems 2 and 3 easier …

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I will be 2 star in next 30 minutes :sweat::sob::sob:

Div2 was horrible this time. :confused:


Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives all the same. And now it is here. ~Thanos


Replying for the title you provided , then you should also not register for ICPC as there are same regulations for the time limit in that contest also (except the penalty time for every non accepted answer) @hari_2666

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yes brother… typing should matter…but typing only should not matter …

u misjudged codechef…