No ZCO this year!

Big news from IARCS : No ZCO, No Java in INOI

  • ZCO is cancelled for the year 2020-2021, meaning ZIO is the only way to qualify for INOI 2021

  • Only C++ allowed in INOI, as IOI dropped Java as an official language


Can you please elalborate it.

Due to Covid-19 There wont be ZCO this time, And one will not be able to code in Java in IOI and INOI (They removed it as it is no more an official language). Just go through the link once you will get know everything.

are these competitions for school students?


Yeah saw that.

How do you think they’re gonna decide the cutoff? Cuz last year half the selected students were from ZCO

That’s really saddening :frowning: I was preparing for ZCO this year! It’s an online test, so why do they have to cancel an online test and continue with ZIO which is offline. I mean keeping the current scenario in mind.

But anyway, if that’s the final decision, now gotta prepare for ZIO. :slight_smile:
Good Luck to anyone who’ll be competing for this year :smiley:


Too bad for Java programmers :pensive:

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did IOI drop java as their official language? like forever?

Yes, until further notice which mostly means never…

why did they remove java? it doesnt make sense

They just felt like it man! Idk why