North koreans occupy the top 3 positions in september long challenge

maybe cz majority of them think and code more and cheat less?


North koreans have a history of showing suspecious behaviour…codechef should atleast try to investigate once


was that a sarcasm?

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Bro never doubt Koreans. They are one of the best coders of the world. They are enough experienced to get correct a solution in one go




No thats not the case. North Korean 7* coders cheat on regular basis. They solve everything in a team
For example :
(He (7* North Korean) got rank 1 by cheating, but got plagiarised in October Long,most probably cheated in other contests as well, but smart enough to change code properly)

@rns5 is his username, same college and university like @rns6 . Both guys seem to be the same guy, and always submit all solutions at last minute . (most probably use alt accounts for testing solutions).

Other times 7* north koreans cheated and got caught :

[DEC'14] Even winners cheat

These 2 guys are the highest rated coders on Codechef from North Korea and they were caught cheating as well. Its very common in North Korea.

As they are 7* coders, its easy for them to change codes and most of the times, even discussing ideas with each other would workout for them.

yep…but an even bigger question is how random 4 star coders who are yet to sit in a short contest suddenly solved the 6th problem in the last 3 hrs which, by looking at the solutions seems to be quite a difficult geometry problem

maybe its me who is progressing backwards :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Many more cases of North Korean 7* coders cheating in Long Challenge :

People rarely talked about it on discuss and I think attention should be paid on this topic of regular cheating by 7* coders.

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@tamo11 They do cheat

@admin…this is surely worth noticing…cheating is prevailing that’s for sure

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Please add this cases in your post as well.So everybody can see easily.

Current Case :


All 3 North-Koreans submitted all solutions to Div-1 on last day/hour and minute and got top-3-ranks.

This is more suspicious then Rhea case. Please look into it.


first of all, that’s very racist. You can’t generalize that description to fit an entire country.
If you have any suspicions, check their submissions and if they’re similar, report it to

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They have been caught many times previously as well. Don’t pretend to be a saint here. A very big suspicious act has been going on since a long time and just looking at codes is not enough in 7* North Korean’s case.

he has reached 4* by doing short contests…check his profile

So suspicious.

Well, they are using 1 account for each person so its a big violation(total maybe 7-8). And when a cheater gets top 3-ranks, it creates more harm you see.(even to rating of others)

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They may be Indians making fake Korean account also, because the trend of cheating is very high in CodeChef India. There were many new submissions during the last hours of the contest.


No they are not.
India already has very few 7* coders. In North Korea, all coders are mostly 7* coders ,they have been doing this cheating trend since 2013 on codeforces as well. They are famous for that and well known as well.

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I don’t find any similarity in the two codes except for one which is I can’t understand both of them.