Not a question just a mere suggestion that can reduce copying of codes from ideone.

@admin I want to give my suggestion to Codechef team too as many had given to add an inbuilt compiler on Codechef site. Now i want to add one more thing in this is the place where the compiler should be added. In present situation when we press Submit button from any question page we are redirected to a new page where there’s only a textarea to paste code and upload a file options. In place of this you can add a compiler window in which one can write source code, compile it, and submit it from there. Reason for suggesting to give compiler on submit page is I like current interface of Codechef and don’t want any changes in it. In this way programmers will not go to any online compiler like Ideone for writing and testing their code.

PS: it’s just a suggestion. If you implement it I would to very happy.


This is really a good suggestion. Few similar sites like HackerRank and HackerEarth have this feature. It certainly reduces a lot of plagiarism cases as many will be using ideone or any other online editors.

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I’m agree with you. It’s a very good suggestion but for that they have to make some extra arrangement like they have to take care of the online submission flow as well as online compilations that we are doing. If they set it up separately then i think it will be more efficient.

i think they can maintain separate system for compilation and submission…although that require some extra efforts but it will worthy comparison to checking duplicate submissions and entertaining reduced rating complaints.