Not able to go next page of DSA exam enroll!


I’m clicking on next button but nothing is happening!!
Its like its not even there
Please help me because if this works I’ll not able to take the certification exam!!

@narno There seems to be an issue with one of our scripts. We are working to fix this. In the mean time can you register using Incognito window and let us know once you register.

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Same on desktop version.
It is working properly on chrome android.

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@admin has this issue been fixed yet? I am still not being able to access the next page.

Hi, sorry for the issue. Our devs are working on fixing it. In the meantime, you should be able to register without much issue if you just do it from Private Browsing.

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@admin there are issues even while registering from private browsing (the next button in page 3 dosen’t work) . Hope that the issues are fixed as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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@admin I think I’ll not be able to participate because I’m not able to go on the next page, meanwhile why only few people are facing this issue??

Hi @anon49701446 @narno We have fixed this. Can you check enrolling now?


Yeah, it works fine now. Thanks @admin :slight_smile:

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Thakyou, it worked @admin !!