Not Able to solve LongChallenge Comunity

Hi There CodeChef community ,
i have been noticing something strange in the last 2 months and for the life of me i cant understand why this is happening.

I am not able to solve LongChallenge questions like barely the first 3 and have been stuck on 4 and 5th problem for 2 days , same happened in Aug LC .
But when it comes to short contest i am really doing great . able to solve first 3 in lunchtime and on codeforces able to solve Div3 ABC and Div2 AB for the most part.

Here i am seeking your advice , is there anything i am doing wrong or is this just a matter of luck ?
Please Help

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Its just because long challenges are of 10 days and are designed to take longer time and pondering. You aren’t alone