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I’m able to get the correct answer when I run the program in the compiler. I tested the program in other compilers as well. I get a correct answer. But when I submit the answer it says wrong answer. I looked at others programs as well. they are very straight forward and I can tell you my program is correct. Can anyone please help me with this issue.

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There is something which Im able to catch here. I ve been executing properly and I see the answers are absolutely correct. But not able to submit. the previous one, I was able to submit. But this one is really strange. I compared my solution with others and it just seems fine. Are there any parameters that I need to take care of?

my brain is burning with frustration.
Can some one pls help me here

Hey! First of all, It’s not a bad thing to have WAs for problems. At least you are involving yourself to solve problems which is a very good thing as compared to the ones who do not even know about Competitive Programming and are from CSE/IT fields. Secondly, I would suggest you to check out editorials after the contest ends and see where you are lacking behind. This is the trick all the coders even 7* champions have been using. So, just observe the editorial carefully to improve your skills… And the ratings are not a big deal. If your concepts are clear then you can take a jump from 1* to 3* in only a single long challenge. I hope you have now understood what I mean to say. Good luck for your journey on becoming a 7* coder. :smiley:

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