Not able to submit , even tho answer is correct

guys the problem is simple take t no of cases and taking two elements a and b and find the reminder , i did two ways nothing is working
T = int(input())
if T < 1000:
for i in range(T):
ans = 0
a,b = map(float,input().split(" "))
if a < 10000 and b < 10000:
ans = a % b

what is the mistake , i am not able to understand

please share the link for question

firstly, the topic says not able to submit
Is it literally that or do you mean you got WA?

Secondly, format your code using three backticks (```) like this

T = int(input())
blah blah
    indent (makes code easier to read)

Thirdly, you do NOT need to check for constraints in your code, so your if conditions might be the mistake