Not able to Submit my code on challenge START1C

Hi i am new in CodeChef and today was the first time i code in codechef during the START1C challenge , i have solved the first problem by running all given testcases successfully but when hit submit button it was showing WA

my code link
please help

can you send the code? the above link is no longer accessible since the contest ended.

You should know that the SAMPLE test cases are not all the test cases. They are just examples that you can use to test your code. There are a lot more test cases that will be checked to see if your code runs properly.

WA stands for Wrong Answer, meaning some test case was not passed

NOTE : you are not allowed to ask about contest questions while the contest is active, so please donot post answers or answer links during the contest :slight_smile:

Oh thanks akash ,i’ll keep this in my mind , and also solved the question