Not able to understand merge sort

I have been trying to understand the algorithmic approach of merge sort but have failed to do so. I have understood how it actually works, its just the argorithmic approach. What should I do or rather can someone help me out?

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see abdul bari or geeks for geeks video on youtube…bro …esi chize nhi puchte .ek suggestion hai pehle google kro bhai… :slight_smile:

If you have understood how the method works, the code is doing exact same thing. Which part of the code you are exactly having difficulty in?

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I think discussion forum is for discussing doubts related with data structures or algorithms. Compared to most of the posts which just have discussion about totally off topic things, this might be a good question. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t say like this “esi chize nai puchte”,
He has rights to ask any doubt, and our responsibility is to help other if we are capable of


Hey I am ready to help you out.
can you tell me that which part you are having doubt, dividing part or merge part ?

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bro me mana nhi kar rha batane se par pehle ek baar krna chahiye video dekho bcz uski video pasand h, bura mat manna but actually sab ye hi krte h kuch bhi hoga seedha codechef pe utha ke daal denge ,it’s my point of view baki aapko jesa lage… :slight_smile:

I agree with you that giving suggestions to someone is good.
but I just saying directly say no to someone, it is not good : )

yaa… i also agree on that muje bhi koi seedha mana karega to bura lagega par mera seedha matlab ye nhi tha ,chalo koi nhi ,leave this… :slight_smile:

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First make sure you have some knowledge about recursion.
Then this might help.

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watch mycodeschool youtube

Bhai, pichle eek hafte se google hi kar raha hun XD. Dimag kharab ho gaya mera.

chalo batao kya nhi aaya…i will explain u,

@admin5 @ssrivastava990 @ankur314 @kk_ban @hetp111 Thank You guys for your guidance,i have finally understood merge sort. :wink: