Not Able to Understand Questions on Competitive Programming

Im complete Beginner to Competitive Programming , But Recently few Days ago i learnt Sieve of Erathosthenes concept ,so i thought of solving question related to Sieve would be good . I did filtered out Question with Tags of Sieve and Easy and did sort them by submissions . Now im Reading the Question(Cute Chef Gift , Problem code :- COPAR) But Im not able to Understand What question is Asking for and Can you tell how to Understand Question related to Competitve Programing ?

You can do it without sieve, the question has asked that, chef has a sequence of numbers and you need to break it at any index. You need to check whether the 2 sequences are co-primes or not.

Explanation(2, 3, 4, 5):
First part - Second Part
2 - 5 Both are coprimes
2 3 - 4 5 Not possible since they are not coprimes
2 3 4 - 5 Possible and final solution

We break it at 3rd element.

Try solving it with this hint.

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And one more Question How to understand question ? Whenever i read question i wont be able to come up with Solution or Which concepts to use?
Any guidance on this?

Don’t solve medium type questions directly, they are not supposed to be easy.
Go to beginner type questions and sort by most solved and start solving them.


where do i have to Practice under “Practice Problems by difficulty level” or “Search Problems by tags” ?
Do i have learn Concepts first and then solve or Just start solving i will learn the necessary concepts for medium level problems is it?

Don’t sort it by tags since you already know what to do, this wont increase your level.
You can get a book, try Competitive Programming Handbook by Antti Laakonsen. This one is a light book and I use it too. You can also try CP3 (BIBLE OF CP) after the first book.

Solve the problems given here.

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Yes sure
Thank you