Not getting access to upcoming May Challenge 2021

I recently opened the Codechef website and realised that May long challenge 2021 will be conducted, rated for div-2 and div-3. But why is it not opening the link properly?

I have attached the image above.

i’m having the same problem idk why tho

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They are allowing only Division 2 & Division 3 participants. If you’re Division 3(having CodeChef Rating below 1600), you can’t participate in May’s Long Challenge.

Same happeing with me

@rishi_26 brother i am in div 2 and myself is also not able to access it… it will take some time and we all will be able to access it

Then I think it will take some time

It may be due to some technical issue that you haven’t been able to access the contest. But they have clearly mentioned that this month’s contest will be for Division 2 & 3 people… So unless they change their mind, we div 1 people are out. Btw strange that they’re restricting the contest.

Click on banner on the homepage. You’ll get access to the page

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Just checked, looks like it will be available for everyone but unrated for Division 1. So Yeah, there is some technical issue… Should get fixed soon…

Yeah, it works, thanks!