Not getting points in HXOR on submitting the correct answer in Long challenge

I submitted my solution in HXOR and it shown correct answer but my points and rank are not updating


yes same i did one problem 40 mins ago same problem. I think it happens on the last day the load becomes heavy thats why I guess


Yeah. I’m also facing a similar problem in CALCULAS problem.

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I am also facing the same problem in string operations

I am also facing same problem in string operations.

Same here!

The same is also happening with me too. In first attempt i couldn’t solve problem but on second i did …still they are showing me cross sign beside question moreover point also not increasing. : (

Thanks for reporting. Looks like the ranklist is facing some issues since around 1am IST. We are looking into it and will update once it’s fixed.


I am also facing the same issue . What to do please help

This should be fixed now. Apologises for the issue.

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its fixed dont worry

The ranklist seems frozen now. Is this an issue or is it done deliberately since there are many submissions towards the end of the contest?