Not Rating

I want to know that why i did not get rating in april long challange. I solve question and got AC

not able to understand ur question

Beacuse the rating have not been calculated yet

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@tannatsri How much time dose it take?

sry i miss the ‘not’

It usually takes 4-5 hours for the ratings to get updated. But this time, there were a lot of submissions on the challenge problem. This is the only reason why it is taking more time as all the solutions are now to be rejudged on the new test cases. I guess the ratings should be updated by tomorrow. (or at max, the day after tomorrow). Also, you can read the announcement made by the admin on the contest’s “announcement” page.

usually takes a day however since this time a lot of cheating and higher participation has marked a delay. However in any case it won’t take more than 2-3 day

how do you know about the cheating??

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