Not received interview mail from codevita

Hi , I got a rank of 1600 in TCS codevita and i am in my final year my friends who have got lower rank than me have got the interview shortlist mail but i haven’t received the mail yet. Can someone please clear me if I will get the mail or not. I have also sent a mail to but they didn’t reply.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance
Zone:: Hyderabad

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Bro same condition here. My rank is 6k but no mail yet. The only reason I see fitting is TCS may be sending mails in slots so when it’s our chance they will send us the mail. Otherwise it doesn’t makes sense why a low ranker will be preferred over someone with a better rank atleast TCS never did it in past why would they do it all of a sudden. Even if they are hiring less due to pandemic they should have called upper rank people. So I think we should wait and prepare till we get the mail.


Hi, I,ve also been waiting for the mail and haven’t received it yet, My rank is 135 in CodeVita, all we can do is wait I guess.


Yeah bro. BTW great rank!

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Whats the point, 11k rankers getting interview calls and here we are. BTW, whats your status on the nextstep portal, Are you batched?


No. Just Application received. But I don’t think status matters much on next step portal as some people got mail from TCS to fill the application form so that they can take the interview. So I guess if they want to take your interview they will ask you anyway.

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backlog matters?

No, I don’t think so.

they mailed me to fill application form and now it’s showing “batched”. what does it mean?

When did you get the mail?

When did u submitted the tcs application form i think in that order they are calling for interviews

Interviews are carried out in batches so just wait u will get ur chance

did u got interview mail for tcs codevita???

Yes, it happened on Sept 16

Anyone still getting interview mail in october ?
Someone reply

Nope, results are out, no more Interviews are happening for CodeVita