Not sure why my rating isn't improving

Hello everyone, I am rahul, And had a quick question

I got global rank 1 in March Long One 2022, Division 4
Div 4 and Div 3 have 6 question in common, and I solved all 8 question of Div 4.

It will be really helpful if anyone can tell me why is this happening.

Your ratings depend on your performance in previous and current contests and expectations from you to perform in your ongoing contest.

A fundamental idea of how the ELO system works is this: Whenever you participate in a contest, you compete in a duel with all other participating players. Based on your current rating and the other participating players’ rating, your probability of winning against each of them is calculated.

Your actual performance is compared against this expected performance, and correspondingly, you gain or lose some points.

Read more about the mechanism here:

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Thanks for information, I guess I just have to continuously score good in every contest to increase my ranking :expressionless: