Not understanding where my logic is wrong

Array Rotation Returns
I am not able to understand where my logic is going wrong

Mistake 1: (Fixed) (Still getting WA)
(start = n - a[0], for a[0] == 0, my loop is skipping 0, even after fixing that I am getting WA)
Array Rotation Returns (Fixed mistake 1)

Still Getting WA

It’s happening with me also.

Can your share you solution link ?

Sorry my code was different you can see mine

What I am doing wrong, is that I may printing 2 or more digit number with space, like 11 should not be printed as 1 1 but i guess I am doing that thats why WA

may be I was also getting wrong ans when I was trying to use string to get optimal answer.
When i use vector i got the right answer but after the contest sadly😥. Try to change into vector once like I have done. See if you are getting the answer.

Yeah did that and got AC :grinning: thanks