NOV '14 ratings

why the NOV '14 ratings are down for every user?

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same question here…

Because of False Positive Cases :slight_smile:

Thank you @admin and Team CodeChef! :slight_smile: [ Got the problems restored in my account ] :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


We all cheated! By participating in the contest! :smiley:


“Because of False Positive Cases”

Yes, keep repeating the mantra instead of thinking logically. There’s no way everyone would get marked false positive, and there’s little way ratings would be restored to before the contest. It’s much more likely to be a side effect of rating calculations going on.


not all… nevermind got the ratings back :slight_smile:
thank you @admin!

Rating Calculations already done. And they had to re-calculate the ratings because of false positive cases. Since the ratings are relative so they had to be calculated for everyone :slight_smile:


And what, finding the same false positives again? Btw, the ratings are at last month’s values, so you need to find something better than your word to convince me that the calculation’s already done.

Also, I don’t believe identifying false positives would take less than an hour, when it usually takes weeks.

And even if you did explain the “down” part, you still haven’t explained the “for every user” part. Is everyone a false positive suddenly?

Mine hasn’t changed yet :((

Hi, if you don’t want to believe me its fine! :slight_smile: Still to answer your questions:

  1. They calculated the ratings of Nov Long Challenge within one day.

  2. Identifying false positives took many days, please see other discussions in the forum.

  3. They recalculated the ratings for everyone because of it. Ratings are relative.

If you are adamant, I’m sorry.

Oh, I see now why we’re having this pointless discussion. OP is using the long challenge’s abbreviation for this cook-off!

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about COOK52, not NOV14 (because short contest ratings were down), and that’s what I’m talking about, too (again, because short contest ratings were down). You just think this is about the long challenge.

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