NOV17 extension

When will the November Challenge end? It was announced that it will be extended because of ACM ICPC, and also challlenge problem was pretty late.


As of now, the November Long Challenge ends on 13th November 15:00 hrs IST. An announcement regarding the time extension of the contest will be put up soon. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Sorry folks. Because we have the sponsorship program for CCDSAP based on the results of this contest, we are not able to extend the contest by much. Because we need to figure out who all will be participating and inform the exam centers, etc.

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Bump. Could you answer please @admin?

I will ping her to update on this soon. Thank you for reminder :slight_smile:


by how much?

How much do you guys want? If you guys can unanimously decide a amount (which is feasible- of course), by evening, then I can forward the suggestion.:slight_smile:

2 days seems fair


I support 2 days too.

I will forward it around 6:30pm. More the votes, better it is :smiley:

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Two days seems good

2 days would be fine

Just clarifying. By 2 days you guys mean at least 2 days or exact 2 days? :3 (At least 2 days means they can consider for more, or will it be a problem?)

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Yeah 2 days seems fair.
But I am not sure if it would be extended for 2 days though. Cause of the scholarship thing (The registration for the exam ends on 15th I think).

@vijju123 I think everyone means at least 2 days. I don’t see how anybody would have a problem with more extension than suggested.

Yup atleast 2 days or if possible more :slight_smile:

Three Days Plez!

I forwarded it to her. Apparently, the exam being on 19th is the problem, else she wouldn’t have minded extending even 3 days.There are some deadlines to meet for which contest must not extend beyond 15th.

She, however, said that instead of usual 3-4 hour extension, she will extend it as much as possible- as much as they can without delaying deadlines. She apologised that she cannot extend for as much as you guys wanted.

At least 2 days seems better.

Yeah, atleast 2 days would be nice