November Long 17 Plagiarism Recalculation!

Team codechef just mailed me that there has been a mistake in calculating the threshold of plagiarism. Seems like a sight of relief for many of us. Thanks to @admin from all the people who were wrongly accused of plagiarism.

Thanks a lot chef!


They re-mailed the text with subject Ratings dropped for NOV17 right after the mail for recalculation of ratings to me.

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Yes @rohitthapliyal same to me. Not passing the new test, either, it seems.

@admin I am again receiving rating drop mail again for my code my code and other code. This is for a challenge problem CHEFNIL. It is just printing a line -1 -1. I have not used any online IDE and not shared a single line of this code with any random guy. And anyone can think of printing this line by just reading a question. I have received 0 points for this submission so I am being penalized for a question for which I don’t receive points. And it is a single line so I think MOSS detector is detecting it as a case of plagiarism which is clearly not. I always use two lines of comment to fast input which I use rarely so in case you want to verify it manually check my old codes at codechef too. I hope it will be resolved soon.


To prevent such cases of plagiarism I would recommend not using the online IDEs during the live contests.


My rankings have been restored after that recalculation mail …
Thank You, Team Codechef…

See what everyone says is accepted but see when I started a year ago in my second contest dec16 a user named @c6h12o6 has copied me in ideone I accept I did not I had to use private still go to his page @c6h12o6 he has done so many contest but total no if pblms is 17 how is it even possible this shows he has plagarised many times still he is not banned or at least I request the @admin just provide me how many times he has plagarised.u need to strictly remove people who have plagarised more than 3times .

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@vijju @ista2000 please see to this. He shouldn’t be accused guilty

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We will fix this manually. Please send an email regarding this.

They do ban users who are caught for plagiarism twice. However, it is still surprising that his rating increased without any submission records in the said contests. Perhaps @vijju123 or @ista2000 can shed some light into this.

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that graph though :smiley:

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We will look into it. Thanks for tag :3.

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@admin @ista2000 @vijju123 please look in this issue also,his graph is like this because of new rating system his previous graph had -ve slope.if possible restore ratings of all affected people because of him

This has been fixed.


Thanks a lot admin. But still the contest ranking page is showing “You did not solve a problem during contest”. Is it temporary or need to be fixed later?