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Hi geek-friends,
I know you would all be busy and excited while trying out the questions on this site. I am pretty much excited too.

I am a novice programmer who has learnt the basics of programming using Python as a language.

I found this site accidently (don’t remember how) and was since in awe of all the fun one would have while solving various problems as I inherently have a liking towards problem-solving.
But since I am only starting out, I feel as though there is an ocean of knowledge that one need to acquire on DS and Algo. So I get demotivated often thinking whether my small steps of learning who help me solve questions on contests.

So I am in search of companion(s) with whom I can connect and do pair-programming. I cannot help but think of all the fun that will be : helping each other out with resources, friendly-challenges amongst us, climbing the steep-learning curve together,etc. The companion can be anyone ( Beginner,intermediate or expert) and I am sure within a few days I will come to adapt to the level of the companion.

Please leave a reply if you would like to help me or either direct me to a community that can take in a beginner and help him learn.

Good noon.
Here is a picture of my city to make you smile. :slight_smile:
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Pair up with someone you know in IRL, online companions don’t work most of the time.

yeah you are right

yes we can pair up.I was also looking for a companion.

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Wow, your city has a similarity with my city.

The photo credit goes to @razul and it taken from

Hi @rohit768. How can I contact you ?

What’s the name of the city?

my email id :
u can mail me ur contact number there…so that we can contact further.

Start with DSA -

Initially you will get demotivated(Don’t give up) and trust me, slowly you will enjoy. Welcome to CP :hugs:

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@anon73162591 My city name is Dhaka. It is in Bangladesh.

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yes it is …take permission from admin
u can no way control wrong things there
so kindly delete it

Hello! I’m a novice too, and in a similar condition as you are (unfortunately). I try to pair up with my friends, but it’s not working. I would love pair up with you, as while reading your post, I feel like we both are in a very similar situation.

Found that link luckily and started working on problems in it. Thanks anyways.
As you said, I am getting demotivated. Think so you would have been in same situation and come out of it.


Don’t give up, take a break when you get demotivated.
Practice is the only mantra.

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