Number of Contests

I think Codechef should increase number of rated contests like Codeforces. Why they are not doing that? I think they don’t want to hire problem-setters.
What you guys think what could be the main reason for not increasing rated contests?


What do you mean by

Anyone can submit problem idea and if approved then that problem will be used in contest.

CC has very less number of people who propose problems as compared to CF. Also, in CF there one has to propose whole problemset while in CC one can propose single problem also.

CC has continued tradition of 3 contests every month. If they get more problems then may number of contests increase.


AtCoder hosts atleast 8 contests per month. Maybe CodeChef can also incerase the number of contests.

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It’s true that Codechef needs an increase in number of rated contests.

And I think the one problem in this is that it also needs to maintain the quality of it’s problems. Also, there are three divisions(and usually contests are rated for every division with slight difference in problem set) and total problems needed for one rated contest at Codechef becomes more than problems needed for Codeforces/Atcoder’s regular rounds.

Just consider how many times does Codeforces conduct (Div1 + 2) rounds? And similarly for Atcoder, though their contest pattern is different, like everyone can’t take part in AGCs.

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Yeah number of contest must increase.

yes number of rated contest must increase.