Number of minimum picks to get 'k' pairs of socks from a drawer

Can anyone tell me how to approach in this question?

Number of minimum picks to get ‘k’ pairs of socks from a drawer

Question statement is also not clear to me.

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The Given Link isn’t Working :frowning:

Although for what i can understand the question would be like : There are colored socks given(most probably black & white) and we need to tell in what minimum moves we can make k pairs (white-white or black-black)

Lets say if only two color of socks are present : Black & white

1. In first move you will take out a sock it can be white or black … so moves = 1
2. In second move he can get a sock black or white but if in this move the color of sock which he/she got if does not matches with the previous sock color then you need to perform another move.
3. [you will only perform this move if second move didn’t satisfied] In third move id does not matter if the sock color is white or black you already have 1 piece both of both sock color. hence in third you can always form a pair…

So the answer becomes 3 when you need to find only 1 pair of sock when only 2 color type of socks are present in drawer.

If we want to extend it to k pairs with above conditions being same then you can observe that the answer is just moves = 2*k+1, k being the pairs to be formed.

If you want to extend it more further by making P colored socks present in drawer and you need to find K pairs in minimum picks then again observe that to get the first pair P+1 moves are required and then in every 2 moves a pair will always be formed hence the final answer becomes :

// K is numbers of socks pairs to be formed
// P is the number of sock colors  
// MOVES is the minimum valid moves required  
MOVES  = 2*K + P - 1

When I am opening , it’s working fine .
Sorry, don’t know what is mistake there.

But still you have understood what i want to ask .

Your approach is giving a error.

Please elaborate it.

Did anyone understand what this question means?
the question statement is not clear to me.
It would be beneficial if someone can explain it in a more simple manner