NZEC Error in Python 3 (JUNE Challange 2019 Division 2)


I have an issue when reading the input in the first question. In my editor, it works perfectly. However, in this system,it shows NZEC Error. Here is what I did:

T = input().split()

Could you help me why this happened? Thank you in advance.

for which input you are using T (testcase or attendence or date) ?

General Fact: Python at a time takes whole line as input, so if there are multiple inputs on a single line, you can use split, but if there is single, use input only and make sure to convert string into required data type

I too have the same problem and i have take input as:


Split is used when you are taking more than 1 inputs in one line. For example, suppose you want to take input of int1 and int2 in one line, you can write as follows-
int1,int2=map(int, input().split(" ")).
In your case, a simple- T=int(input()) will work

Did it run after using t=int(input())
I have used the same, but getting error(NZEC) on the first line itself. Every time I am getting demotivated because of this error I was able to run it with different custom inputs but getting error on submission.

It didn’t work and showed error(NZEC) but when i submitted my Code it got submitted and accepted completely. So I would suggest you to this ignore the error and directly submit if your compiler is not giving any error.