NZEC Error: Python

def main():

n = int(raw_input())
initList = []
tempMax = 0
for i in range (0,n):


i = 0
for i in range (0,n-1):
	l0 = len(initList[i])
	l1 = len(initList[i+1])
	k = 0
	while (initList[i][k]==initList[i+1][k] and k<l0 and k<l1):
	if (k>tempMax):
			tempMax = k

return 0;


I tried everything…
removing the main() and running the code in Body also, still getting NZEC error.
Please someone help me

there is no need return 0 for python!

Got it…
little problem with the code only

the problem here is you have to check the boundary of the 2 strings before trying to access the k-th character.

while (k<l0 and k<l1 and initList[i][k]==initList[i+1][k]):

instead of :

while (initList[i][k]==initList[i+1][k] and k<l0 and k<l1):

should be ok.

then do you have any idea about NZEC error then

what was the problem, please share

So that results in RUNTIME error, I seriously doubt my understanding of python or may be runtime error. Enlighten me please!