NZEC error

I am getting NZEC error but when I try with custom input and have the same input as the test case it works. Anyone who can help me solve this? I am using Python 3.6

Please make sure to provide custom input as well. It does not automatically work on samples.

Sorry but I did not understand what you said. The question I am having problem with is FLOW007 - Reverse the number. Here is the solution that I have written:
and I am pretty sure there is no syntactic error… can you explain why I am getting the error “EOF when reading a line”

Sometime it may happen because you have used division and at some point your divisor is going zero.

Please give a codechef submission link if you have submitted to this problem. You can get that by going to problem page > My Submissions.

I had not submitted the answer previously. On submitting it got accepted. Thanks for the help. Is this NZEC error occur frequently here even if your code is correct …( I am new here that’s why) ?

if you are getting NZEC error put your input code in try catch block.
this will work.

If you’re using codechef ide then you have to give test cases yourselves, treat this as some other ide where you’d manually put test cases, maybe you’re coming from hackerrank and having this assertion that codechef might also put test cases in ide automatically, and no need to use try catch, it won’t fetch you AC if your logic is not correct.

Actually one of the main issue because of which you are getting NZEC error on Codechef is that you are not typing the input in the custom input section on online ide