NZEC error

whenever i submit code in python its always shows NZEC mostly when i run the code .I faced this issue many times during contest and also during practice .it highly demotivate me and at the same time gives a lot of irritation so i request to codechef please improve your complier or whatever causing this bug .I believe that most of python user agree with me


Hello, I use python as well i’ll suggest that Whenever you want to run the code check whether you have click on the custom input checkbox and given the input to run the code.
If you dont give custom input and Run the code, Python Interpreter will show Runtime error. By doing this Your problem will be surely be solved.

provide custom input then run.

I provided custom input and it worked well but if I submit it then it shows NZEC error
I tried submitting the solution of some other guy but it still shows NZEC error

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Please provide the links to all three submissions (yours; the one from “some other guy” that you re-submitted; and the original submission by “some other guy”).


Looking at this solution: who is “monty”?


monty is score of monty
My Original Submission :
Resubmitted Solution :
I am not able to find the link of the solution from whom I actually copied but I only replaced first two lines (try and except block)

This incident also happened for CHEFSTEP also but I found in the discussion form that switching to Non-IDE mode and submitting it may work and it actually worked but for this problem it didn’t

Thankyou for the links, but I repeat: Who is “monty”? XD

Maybe I’m not being explicit enough; consider the test input:

1 2
1 2
1 2
1 2
1 2

might be having division by zero(x/0)

Sorry I haven’t noticed that , Since I got the correct output to my custom input I thought that its working well.Better if I had more test cases.,
Thanks to you bro

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: Can’t help but be amused at seeing:

NameError: name 'monty' is not defined

from a language called Python, of all things XD

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