NZEC in Python Contests

I am creating this thread because I am having a bad experience since 2 contests (not the main ones hosted by CodeChef of course) because of incorrect judgement for Python Code.

  1. Yesterday, in contest Codemate, one problem needlessly gave NZEC for correct answers in Python. I let it pass as a one-off incident.
  2. Today, the same thing happened in another contest for the easiest problem. You can check that there are 100s of submissions in Python. Only one of them got AC because the person explicitly used a try except block to catch the error of the judge.

@admin Can we do anything to make this process easier? Can community members help in any way to avoid this in the future? Can these problems be reevaluated with the correct judgment scheme?

Please pardon me if everyone is making logical errors in code, but I don’t think so.


Yup, the second question you mentioned “Odd Not Odd” is not that difficult that only 14% participants will succeed at it. Needless to say, it was not the logic, but the language that made it un-doable for many.

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Yes another issue regularly faced in python is if any process require sequential processing of chars in input, input need to stripped of to omit non printable chars in the end of the input.
I had 3 problem of a contest constantly giving me runtime error till i added code to strip these chars and all problems were AC then.

Could you give a link to one of these solutions? Thanks!

You may find it Here

In that editorial I only see one python solution but that doesn’t have any

What is the extra code needed?

I did not meant for this particular contest but was talking about python in general and occasional issues python solution has with them for not removing / stripping non-printable chars.

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I would like to share my experience. I applied for Problem setting in Codechef with a problem Idea. Luckily, it was accepted with further modifications. I received a mail from one of the admins, that the problem idea is approved, you may carry on with test generation.

I was a problem setter for more than 3 Private contests in Hackerrank. I am familiar with .txt files. Basically, in Hackerrank, you are supposed to generate inputXX.txt and outputXX.txt (as in input01.txt and ouput01.txt, input02.txt and output02.txt …) files and upload them zipped in a zip file. I also tested my input and output files by reading them in Python, making sure there would be no mistakes (I myself did that, no one insisted to do).

But the FAQs shared to me mentioned to generate .in and .out files, and I am not much aware of them.

I mailed the Admin who approved my idea, to help me in Test Set Generation, or at least, some person who is familiar with test generation. I haven’t heard from him yet. 10 days passed and still no response.

I feel Newbies (to problem setting in Codechef) are kinda ignored. :frowning_face:

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I understand that, I wasn’t asking about this contest either. I thought it would be helpful to see any one of that solution that requires removing characters. I’m not interested in the actual contest or problem, just in the piece of code that does the trick.