NZEC runtime error with Perl

Hi. I am new to programming. So when i tried uploading a perl code, i get runtime NZEC error. I thought i have some fault in the code. But for understanding, i simply tried uploading a blank perl code with only return 0 statement present. I still get the same error. Please help me out on how to upload perl script. The code works fine on my IDE.

Example code in PERL

use List::Util qw[min max];
use warnings;
use strict;
my $t=<stdin>;
my @test=(1..$t);
    my $n=<stdin>;
    my $ans=0;
    my @loop = (1..$n);
        use integer;
        my $input = <stdin>;
        my ($s, $p, $v)=split(' ', $input);
        $s = $s + 1;
        my $val= $p/$s;
        $val = $val * $v;
        $ans=max($ans, $val);
    print "$ans\n";