October Long '19 Div. 1+2 Video editorials

Hello everyone,

I have tried to make video solutions for the problems I have solved in October Long Challenge 2019, hoping to help people understand the problem and what was my approach for the same.
I created a playlist for the same: Codechef October Long Challenge 2019: Video Solution Playlist

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Happy Coding
Divyanshu Kumar


Great work !! :slightly_smiling_face:
keep it up for subsequent long challenges

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Thank you for your encouragement

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What does the statement you wrote mean? I have read it several times at several places. @visitor21

please tried to make the video the solution of this problem https://www.codechef.com/ACD2019/problems/DIV1

If you are not familiar with recursion, looking directly to it’s solution won’t help much for this question. This is a problem which requires quite decent understanding of recursion.First try your hands on recursion and then this problem will be a cakewalk for you.

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@dvkcool, Great work…
It will be very helpful for those who are new to competitive coding.

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Awesome, man. Helps guys like me a lot who are just starting out.

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I have more videos as such.
You can have a look at them.
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okay boss!