Offer Letter by TCS Codevita Interview

Congratulations to everyone who got their offer letters :partying_face:
I received my offer letter for the digital profile on 2Nov. After accepting the offer letter what do we have to do? I have a few questions:

  1. What is the Xplore program and pre-learning procedure?
  2. What is in-hand salary after adding basic and all those benefits?
  3. What does accepting the offer letter really mean?
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bro i have a doubt , if i accept the offer letter and in later stage if i got some other offer can i reject ninja offer without facing any consequences?

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Yes you can, they have clearly mentioned in the offer letter that they will send a joining letter with joining date if you will not be there at joining date then u will not be considered.
So you can simply avoid visiting the place at joining date and time

I think joining letter will be sent later then?

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obviously, I think u didn’t read the letter carefully

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