[Official] April Long Challenge 2020 - Post-contest discussion - Live stream session 1

Hey all,

We plan to have an informal series of live stream with the panelists of April Long Challenge 2020 discussing the problems from the contest.

The details regarding the first session are as follows:

  • Agenda:
    Discussion of Div-2 problems except for the challenge problem

  • Session Panelist:
    Taranpreet Singh (@taran_1407)

  • Date-Time:
    14 April 9pm IST - 10:30pm IST

  • To register:
    If you are interested just register by clicking on the Going button below the title of this post at the top.
    We will be sending the details of the Zoom meeting to the registered users - 15 minutes before the session via Discuss message (can be accessed in the drop down by clicking at the profile icon at the top right corner)
    Note: Entry to the Zoom session will be on first come first serve basis - limited to 100 seats.

  • Platform for video conferencing:
    Zoom Meetings
    Rest of the participants can join live on CodeChef’s YouTube channel

If there are any specific queries that you have from these problems, please post them below, and we will try to answer them during the session.

P.S.: Keep watching this space for future sessions by @fmota, @gainullinildar and @pieguy on the remaining problems!

[Update1] We have stopped the registrations and sent the Zoom meeting details to all the registered participants. Registered participants can access it here: https://discuss.codechef.com/t/re-official-april-long-challenge-2020-post-contest-discussion-live-stream-session-1/62179

[Update2] Catch the live stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3obS1IokxFA

[Update3] We have seats available in the Zoom meeting. Join here:

[Update4] Kindly share feedback on the session here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd03NgOaPXH82YKwJRVIBo2D59av6Ck1b65DgfpC5M-VgMPEw/viewform


Please discuss LEAKED ANSWER question (ANSLEAK)


How I can register? Where is the google link?
I am not getting it.

@admin HI Codechef .Thanks for the initiative to discuss the problems after each Challenge , that will definitely help many coders to improve more.
It will be great if after each contest be likeLong Challenge , Cook-Off or LunchTime
the video discussion on problems will be more helpful for all or specially beginner coders. :blush: :100:


Click here to register.

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Just click on [Going ] button at top and you will receive the link for Zoom meeting in your registered mail.Thanks


Sorry guys, we had to terminate it in-between, but couldn’t get my internet back up then. Finally up.

Anyway, here is the link to doc i used during stream. Hope you guys enjoyed the live stream.

We plan to cover the remaining problems in next stream.

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