[Official] Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef - Live Classes - Schedule - Day 2

We’re on the second day of our Learning Competitive Programming with CodeChef journey, and we have four back-to-back amazing classes today!

The first session is by Nishchay Manani ( CSE, IIT Guwahati, 7- star on Codechef and International Grandmaster on Codeforces) on “Sieve of Eratosthenes.” The class is scheduled for 6 PM sharp.
Click here for more details.

The second session is by Arjun P (IOI 2015 bronze medallist, ICPC 2020 World Finals, Moscow, Russia qualifier) on “Counting Problems: Counting K-Subsets, Bracketings & Partitions,” scheduled at 7 PM. Click here for more details.

The third session is by our educator who is Google Women TechMakers Scholar 2018 and a software engineer by profession. She will be taking a session on “Introduction to Sorting,” scheduled for 9 PM. Click here for more details.

The final session is by Pulkit Chhabra (Codeforces: 2246, Codechef: 2416, former SDE Intern at CodeNation, former Intern at HackerRank) on “Basics of Trees,” scheduled at 10 PM.
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Join us for interactive sessions on some of the most essential subjects of programming! These are special classes, and you can attend for free! So hurry up!

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