[Official] Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef - Live Classes - Schedule - Day 4

We’re on the fourth day of Learning Competitive Programming with CodeChef, and there’s a lot of ground to cover today. Here’s a heads-up for the three classes lined up for you today.

The first class is on “Disjoint Set Union - II,” and it is to be hosted by Pulkit Chhabra (Codeforces: 2246 | Codechef: 2416 | Former SDE Intern at CodeNation | Former Intern at HackerRank). Catch the session at 7 PM sharp.
Link to the class: https://bit.ly/3ccaGq2

The second class is on “Discussion on Merge Sort & Counting Sort.” It is scheduled for 8 PM.
Link to the class: https://bit.ly/3hIGvaU

The final class, scheduled for 10 PM, will be hosted by Sanket Singh (Software Development Engineer at LinkedIn | Former SDE at Interviewbit | Google Summer of Code 2019 at Harvard University). The topic is “Headstart to Strings in STL.
Link to the class: https://bit.ly/33E4TFU

Spend your Friday night unlocking aspects of programming you didn’t know before. For past live classes and more information, visit: https://unacademy.com/goal/competitive-programming/LEARNCP

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Thanks for sharing. I really like this course than any other course out there even though its is expensive.