[OFFICIAL] Live DSA Learning - Graph Theory Basics - Session 9 - Contest 8

Hi everyone,

This is a continuation of the Live DSA learning sessions being conducted as part of the DSA Learning series.

A session would generally be conducted by CodeChef volunteers and would be a live discussion (via text + video). The main purpose of these sessions would be to discuss the theory topics and then move on how to go about solving the problems of the contest.

For Contest 8, the 1st session is as follows:

  • Topic: Theory discussion of Graph Theory Basics + Live problem solving of 1 - 2 problems of the contest 8 + QnA

  • Brief Description:
    Which theory topics would you prefer (Pick at most 3 out of the 4 options)
    (Update - The voting will close by 26th June morning)
    (Update - We will only be able to cover at most 2 topics out of these in a single session)

  • Djikstra variant techniques (Multi-source/Multi-destination, i.e make dummy nodes, Split node trick, K_th shortest path, etc.)
  • Binary climbing LCA calculation + How to use it to do tree aggregate questions (i.e given many queries of the form “u to v”, find the maximum value node on the path from “u” to “v”)
  • BFS usage in problems with hidden graph structure + How to modify bfs to make Kahn’s toposort algorithm
  • DSU Optimisation tricks to know of (Path compression and order by rank) + DSU question tricks (small into big + see queries in reverse order)

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From problem solving aspect which problems would you want to be discussed (Pick at most 3):
(Update - The voting will close by 26th June morning)

  • Pre-requisite:
    Recommended having gone through the reading material of this week here

  • Session volunteer:
    Sidhant Bansal

  • Date-Time:
    11:00 AMIST, 27th June 2020 (Saturday)

  • Duration:
    2.5 hours

  • Platform for video conferencing:
    Zoom Meetings limited 100 seats. Entry to the session on Zoom will be on a first come first serve basis.
    Rest of the participants can join live on CodeChef’s YouTube channel .

  • To register:
    If you are interested just register by clicking on the Going button below the topic title at the top and Add it to your calendar for a reminder so that you don’t miss it :slight_smile:

  • Note from CodeChef:
    — These sessions are hosted by our volunteers. Kindly respect their efforts and time.
    — In case of any doubts, please post in the comments.

[Update 1]

Zoom Meeting Details -
Topic: [OFFICIAL] Live DSA Learning Session 9 - Contest 8
Time: Jun 27, 2020 11:00 AM India

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Meeting ID: 832 1256 0025
Password: 164761

[Update 2]
Catch us live on YouTube here -


Where is the “going” button? I have To Register for the Meeting.