Old Long Challenges Missing from Past Contests

I was looking for Old Long Challenges in the past contests section i.e. from 2020. However, to my dismay, I couldn’t find any long challenges in the past contests section from 2020 and before while all other contests are visible (Cookoff, Lunchtime, Rated/Unrated Extcontests).

Is this intentional on part of the admins? If it is intentional, what is the rationale behind removing only longs from the recent contests section and not any of the other old contests.

If it isn’t intentional, can this be looked into and fixed?


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Thanks for reporting. We’ll get it fixed.
For now, you can click on the “Show all contests” toggle at the top of the page and see all the contests.

I dont think it is visible even after clicking that. I toggled the button and then searched for “Challenge 2020” on the webpage.

You need to scroll down to load old contests


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