Old Ratings?

Anyone are having issues regarding ratings? For me it looks like last contest ratings were rollbacked and on my profile it is showing old ratings.

@admin @vijju123


i am having the same issue!

same here

yes mine also…
lets wait for official announcement what had happend

Yeah I’m also having the same issue, Last contest ratings are gone… ?
is it because of maintenance or something? or the contest is made unrated?

In my account , the rating changes for 2 contests have been rolled back !

Most probably ratings are being recalculated, it would be fixed within an hour.
If you have dropped from Div 1 to Div 2, I would suggest you to not submit in Div 2 and vice-versa.


I think ratings of all June challenges have been removed. I am glad because I noticed a lot of plagiarism. :grin:

Jeez, they are back :unamused:

Oh, was this a general advice, or something which was strongly needed to be done ?

I mean, for me, my ratings reverted back to the may Lunchtime ratings, where I was in Div1, and I submitted a problem from div 1 ( and actually, currently, I am in div2 ).