On which platform this question is present I want to submit and check :)

Queries to check if substring[L…R] is palindrome or not

Given a string str and Q queries. Every query consists of two numbers L and R . The task is to print if the sub-string[L…R] is palindrome or not.

Input: str = “abacccde”, Q[][] = {{0, 2}, {1, 2}, {2, 4}, {3, 5}}

On which platform this question is present i want to submit my solution can anyone help me to find out ?
PS : This is from GFG I know …but I want to check my code :slight_smile:
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The problem i have come across, has an additional update character Queries. Can you handle that?

I haven’t seen the exact problem.
1.Palindromic Queries
2.Palindrome queries
You can try these two.

Are there any other general string hashing questions that you can share? I’m very new to string hashing, and I’d like to learn it!


and practice some questions on hackerearth and codeforces (by filtering question using hashing tag )

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https://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/245/H |s|<=5000

I saw this question already het …I need exact above question if it is present on somewhere …on chinese online judge or acmp.ru , timus , spoj or any other platform :slight_smile:

why ?

bhai ka dil aa gaya hai is question par, Maybe…


haven’t seen the exact question anywhere, sorry…
Many related to this on Hackerrank, but not the one you’re looking for :confused:

I want to submit my solution to check , i thought this question is present on some online judge that’s why i m asking :slight_smile:

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let’s not be judgemental